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Vlasta Boese, Business Angeht

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You have a vision. Your Business Is My Mission. It’s my Company manifesto. Not just words, but a code that I live by. A reason to fight. And I have the ideas and tools to make it a reality. Armed with insights and ready for action, I’ll do the impossible for your Business/your Brand. Because I operate a little differently than other creative agencies. I have persistence, knowledge and connectios. I only offer straight-shooting advice, straightforward service and killer creativity.
I´m a Business Agent.
Sure, I´m a small operation, but because of that I can move fast to reach the best results for you. The Bottom line is: with me you can be more successful as alone.
My international industry experience includes: Flavor Industry, Food & Beverage, Retail (Discounter,Home Decoration), HealthCare Products, Fashion & Luxury Goods.

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